Constant Runny Nose Symptoms

When having a runny nose or rhinorrhea the mucous membranes produces an excessive quantity of mucus in your nasal cavity. The speed that these mucous membranes produce the excessive mucus does not allow your organism to process it in time and it will start accumulating mucus causing the nasal cavity to cut and block the air passage and you will have difficulty to breathe through your nose. It is like if you have something stuck in your nose and you can only breathe through your mouth.

The air caught within the sinus cavities is stuck and blocked and may lead to headache,   a sinusitis condition (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses) and a dread post-nasal drip if the fluid is running in the back of your throat.

Even if this nasal congestion may not always occur, a a discharge secreted by the mucous membrane is always there. Your nose will be dripping all the time.

Also this excessive mucous produced by the mucous membranes can run down in the back of your throat, as referred,  causing cough and a sore throat most of the times.

Other symptoms may also be observed, like nose bleeding and sneezing.

These are the most common symptoms you can find when having a constant runny nose.


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